Self-sabotage. We have all heard of it and we have all done it. Every single one of us has a little (or big!) saboteur hiding inside that loves to call the shots without us ever noticing. It shows up when an opportunity of a lifetime knocks on our door we freeze and come up with an excuse on why we decided to not go for it. It shows up when we deflect compliments by discounting the very thing we were complimented on.

Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts calls our inner saboteur the Guardian of Choice; an archetype that makes itself known through disruption by mirroring your fears of taking responsibility for yourself and what you create. It is connected closely with our root chakra pumping us with fears of survival such as lack of food, home, money, or social tribe. While having fear of losing these things is completely justifiable, we cannot let it run our lives. When we do, we literally feed the fear beast and manifest more fear based decisions into our realities.

So how do we break the cycle? Simple answer: Courage to follow your intuition.

Our intuition serves us as a “gut-instinct” that leads us to take action based on our natural hunches rather than a rational thought alone. To learn how to experience that voice, we have to actually listen and respond to it; manifest the courage to expand your creative horizons and trust the inner voice. The big issue with the saboteur is fear of things that may dramatically change our lives. For example, making the choice ¬†to follow your heart and take a risk to pursue a deep desire.

It’s up to us to take responsibility of our self-awareness to notice patterns of the saboteur interrupting your life’s opportunities for growth and happiness. Not every single thing in life will line up exactly the way we want it to and there’s a risk in every big decision! We must ask ourselves is it worth it? Not if it’s worth it to the people around you; a lot of times when we are on the brink of taking a leap, our loved ones try to protect us and fill out heads with doubts and what-if’s. While this comes from a place of love, only your opinion matters.

Own your life. Own your choices. We have more control than what we give ourselves credit for.

Now.. Are you worth taking a chance on?
I think so.
Happy leaping!

With love & light,