Becoming a Teacher at Firefly

So you want to be a yoga teacher or fitness instructor at Firefly?

We’re so glad you’re here!

Here are some basic details about being a teacher at Firefly. Please feel free to email our studio manager or studio owner with any questions.

Our teacher roster is currently full yet it is growing as we add substitute teachers and explore adding new weekly classes.

Our instructors are classified and paid as 1099 contractors. This means you are more of free agent, and you are not an employee of Firefly.

As an independent contractor, you are required to provide evidence of your 200-hour yoga teacher certification and your professional liability insurance covering you as a yoga teacher.

If you do not yet have your 200-hour yoga teacher certification, you can research qualified yoga teacher training schools at

Compensation for teachers is $12 per class for 1 – 12 students, and an additional $1 per student for 13 or more students, with a max of $30 per standard class. So you are paid $12 for 1-12 students, $13 for 13 students up to $30 for 30 students. Teachers who teach at least one class per month at Firefly are eligible for the Firefly staff/teacher rate for yoga classes, which is just $5 per class or $40/month for unlimited classes. Teachers also receive a discount on all Firefly apparel.

Firefly teachers are expected to respect and demonstrate the Firefly values, vision, and mission by meeting and exceeding client expectations, which include:

  1. Greet clients and introduce yourself. Offer to roll out mats for clients.
  2. Utilize the MindBody software to assist clients with electronic check-in. Ensure each student is signed in and paid for the class. Ensure all clients have signed electronic waivers on file.
  3. Throughout class, provide clear verbal cues for use of props to both modify and deepen postures. Provide discrete and professional 1:1 assistance with clients who need guidance on incorporating props into poses.
  4. Throughout the class, monitor client activity. Demonstrate postures or transitions as appropriate, without strictly teaching from the mat.
  5. Utilize a Bluetooth enabled device to connect to the provided Bluetooth speaker. Prepare and play a playlist.
  6. Multi-task by monitoring the volume of music, lighting level, and temperature level in the space.

Before applying to become a teacher at Firefly, you need to have completed your 200-hour yoga teacher certification. It is highly recommended that anyone interested in teaching in our studio has at least 8 weeks and 6 classes of experience at Firefly.

If you are interested in teaching a specialty class (something other than All Levels Vinyasa or Level 1-2 Stationary Yoga), then you are required to provide documentation of specific, relevant training.

To apply to become a teacher at Firefly, please email Sarah Neighbors, studio manager, at Please include the days/times you are typically available to teach. Please attach a copy of your CYT-200 yoga teacher certificate.

After your application is received, we will contact you to schedule a meeting with the manager and the owner to discuss your interest and availability in teaching at Firefly. Following this, the next step is to schedule your teaching audition.

The teaching audition is the opportunity for you to teach a full length 75-minute all levels vinyasa flow class to the owner, the manager, and at least two other individuals (may be other teachers or students who are familiar with our studio). Following the class, there will be a feedback session.

Following the audition, the teacher may be placed on the substitute list and offered occasional classes. If the teacher is interested in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly class, then that will be scheduled by the manager as studio availability allows.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher at Firefly! We look forward to hearing from you!