Life. It’s all happening so fast, all of the time. Work, eat, yoga, friends, family, social media – you name it, we rush through it.
But what if that’s not the point? What if we’re not living life to check all of these things off of our imaginary lists? What if the point is to fully arrive at the ground beneath your feet? To fully arrive – here and now, in your own life. Letting go of what should or could be, and embracing what is.
Maybe the Universe has been showing you signs that you need to slow down. I know it’s been repeatedly telling me to. Do you feel rushed and only notice when you’re dropping things and fumbling across your weeks wondering how you’re going to keep all the plates in the air? Maybe you’ve gotten speeding tickets or injured yourself rushing through life on two wheels.
So what does it look like to slow down in our busy lives?
With endless possibilities and knowledge at our fingertips, it can be so difficult to be fully present. So much is at our disposal at all times – with a few clicks we can book a flight to Denver and back. In less than five seconds we can find a Google page with everything we could possibly want to know regarding almost any topic on the planet. And we can take aglance at our loved ones lives by scrolling through their multiple social media platforms or shooting them a text in less than a minute.
At Firefly, we always start class with some mindful breathing. We take big inhales in and slow exhales out. We take bigger inhales in, pause at the top, and sigh it all out. Feeling the fullness and the emptiness of our own breath. We do this as a reminder to fully arrive in our bodies. To leave the to-do lists, worries, conversations, and expectations in our cubby with our other belongings.
What if each morning we woke up and took a few mindful breaths? What if asked ourselves to remember that everything that needs to get done will get done? What if we slowed down and noticed the incredible capacity we have to do the things we do?
So often, we rush through life. Going from conversation to conversation, event to event, work place to dinner to bed…we completely forget the pause at the top before the release. The moment where we can celebrate how far we have come, the moment we’re in, and the beauty of this life we have the opportunity to live.
Here’s to learning the art of slowing down. Maybe you drive the speed limit instead of 5 over, maybe you enjoy a sip or two of your coffee before rushing out the door, or maybe you simply take a few mindful breaths before getting out of your car.
Happy Monday, y’all!