Lauren Bunn

I began practicing yoga around 2015 as a way to move my body and unwind from life’s stress. A year into my practice I decided to take a leap and become a certified yoga teacher. I have a love for educating others, considering I am also an English teacher, so I saw nothing more fitting for me. Yoga allows me to disconnect from my busy life and take time to breath and focus on myself. I hope to guide others through meaningful practices that allow them to disconnect from the outside world and connect with themselves.


CYT-200 Yoga Teacher

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, August 2016, Hot Asana Yoga University with Virginia Gallagher and Angela Tara Hsu in Danville, VA

Lauren’s Specialties!

Vinyasa Flow

Level 1-2 Stationary Yoga

Teens & Kids Yoga

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you’re looking for exercise or stress relief, yoga has been shown to have many health benefits. Take the leap today.