Josh Estabrook

I began my journey with yoga in the summer of 2017 after a friend invited me to a class. I had never done hot yoga before, and after the class, I never wanted to again. However, I noticed the next day that my mind was more quiet and my body felt more free. Those two things continued to bring me back to the mat. I found a pattern of struggle and grace very similar to the normal rhythms of life, allowing me to live into myself more truly. With that in mind, I wanted to learn more about both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. I completed my CYT-200 in 2018. Through teaching yoga, I want others to understand the mat can become a place of transformation and letting go. You may just be surprised how much you learn about yourself along the way!


CYT-200 Yoga Teacher

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, August 2018, Hot Asana Yoga University with Virginia Gallagher and Angela Tara Hsu in Danville, VA

Workshops and Trainings

25-Hour Yin Yoga Certification, October 2018, Hot Asana Yoga University with Virginia Gallagher, Durham, NC

Josh’s Specialties!

Vinyasa Flow

Yin Yoga

Ready to Make a Change?

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