Jenny Owen

My first experience with yoga was through a book I purchased in high school.  With that book and a few instructional DVDs I taught myself my first yoga poses.  From there, I began taking group classes while studying Architecture at Virginia Tech and continued my practice on and off after graduating.  Fascinated by the potential of yoga, breathing, and meditation to assist the body and mind in healing, I had yet to establish my own consistent practice that felt right to me and experience these healing effects.

It wasn’t until I tried a hot, vinyasa style class for the first time that yoga finally clicked for me.   At first I was intimidated by the heat as most people are, but once I was in there sweating, and breathing, and moving, and flowing, my usual anxiety turned to calm.  For once, maybe for the first time ever as an adult, I was fully in the moment. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and connectedness. From then on yoga had me, and I started to build my personal practice.

When my mental and physical health took a major dive soon after, I began to fully understand and appreciate the capacity for healing that yoga holds.  Yoga helped me put back the pieces of myself, accept what is, and live in the moment. I have lived much of my life struggling with symptoms of general anxiety and panic attacks.  Despite this, my yoga practice has helped me develop skills and habits that allow me to not only live but to thrive with these conditions. Now as a wife, mother, and career woman, my yoga practice continues to help me live mindfully, accept and work through life’s challenges, and fully experience each moment.

After moving to Danville in early 2017, I took the leap and began my yoga teacher training.  Through that training, I was able to solidify my own practice and gain the tools needed to share yoga with others.  For me, there is no greater privilege or honor than to teach yoga and share its wisdom.


CYT-200 Yoga Teacher

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, August 2018, Hot Asana Yoga

Jenny’s Specialties!

Vinyasa Flow

Reiki & Rejuvenation Flow

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