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    For me, yoga is the complement to everything else I do in life. I run and cycle, so it’s a place to stretch. I work and volunteer, so it’s a place to quiet the mind.
    Brandon A.
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    My introduction to the practice of yoga was yin yoga with Lauren. The class provided a reset for my week and time in my schedule just for me. Now I am trying other classes and have been pleased with the acceptance I receive from others in the class and the instructors. Yoga provides community.
    Cathy G.
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    I was welcomed and encouraged though many times in the first 6 months I was frustrated as my body revolted against the new lifestyle I was following. I started to stand straighter, breathe more fully and sleep more restfully. Join us; it will change your life.
    Jerry G.
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    Why Firefly? It is connection. It is passion. It is encouragement to be the best you that you can be. I am grateful for the time, talents, dedication and energy of each one of the teachers. I  encourage you to be a part of the Firefly community.
    Faith S.

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